We aim to establish a vibrant and economically thriving compassionate society that offers equal opportunities for women.


Empowering and mobilizing females to become change agents in their communities and creating a sustainable women empowerment model that can be replicated and scaled up in other underserved communities.

Unique perspective (Why is this different)

First of its kind platform where businesses can outsource their work to females which will empower them to take one step towards financial independence. Mumkin also gives businesses an opportunity to rent out the space and utilize the resources available on the ground.

What all you offer

Mumkin provides different vocational training programs in the district of Sindh:

  • IT-Office Assistant
  • Hair & Beauty Services "Beautician (Women/Men)"
  • Dress Making
  • Beauty Theraphy
  • Montessori Course
  • Jewellery Making
  • Paramedics
  • Play Theraphy
  • In past years Mumkin had worked with different local and international brands like Khaadi, Misha Lakhani, U4 Uniform, etc

    Success Stories

    Mumkin has empowered 2200+ beneficiaries from marginalized communities in IT, Dress Making, and Beautician in collaboration with "European Union" and "British Asian Trust." With a success rtate of 98%