The first step in bringing about positive and lasting changes in our society is to acknowledge that inequality does exist. In our society in particular it does so in abundance. However, we are in the process of taking the next step which is making sure something is being done about it. This has led us to persist in ensuring that power is put back into the hands of those who have suffered injustices by virtue of their, class, gender or ethnic and religious background.

Mumkin itself specifically involves empowering and mobilizing underprivileged females, gradually putting them in a position to be agents for change in their communities. Mumkin shows full belief in the participants of its’ courses, while maintaining that anything is possible for the women of today’s world if the correct support system is put in place.

The communities Mumkin operates in include underprivileged communities such as Lyari, Landhi, Orangi, Korangi and Sultanabad. Following sufficient success in the aforementioned districts of Karachi, we will look to bring our initiative to the rest of Sindh, including other poverty-stricken localities throughout the province.

Whilst working very closely with Aman Foundation, Mumkin offers vocational training to 80 women in basic Computer operating skills and Basic Dress Making. Our set up includes six month training courses across three learning centers, consisting of an estimate of 75 females, including teachers and housewives from the ages of 19-45 years old. It is a unique initiative consisting of fashion design, Entrepreneurship and personal development training, targeting disadvantaged women.

We bring the training directly to our students to work towards alleviating their socio-economic limitations and giving them a social platform in their communities where we aim to instill our core principles. Our focus includes emphasizing crucial values such as compassion, gender equality and the notion of redefining the status of women in our society through promoting female empowerment and self-sufficiency among women.

Female empowerment involves raising awareness about women among women and paving the way for their success. It is therefore key for us to create an environment that is conducive for women and other marginalized groups in our society to relinquish control and challenge existing socio-economic power relations. We are breaking barriers and defying norms by normalizing altruism and generosity through compassion and our movement prides itself on being the torchbearers of social change and Women’s rights in Karachi thus we look to pull together to ensure that the rest of society follows suit.