To provide high-quality consultancy and therapy to all segments of society at minimal or no cost. It aims to curate a well-versed environment on the mental health issues faced by Pakistani the society.


The objective of Ruhbaru is to conduct webinars, online and offline therapy, and provide comprehensive online self-assessment tests to help the users become aware and educated on matters such as anxiety, loneliness, and Postpartum Depression. Keeping the language barriers, cultural norms, and client's comfortability in mind, Ruhbaru has employed both male and female counselors who can fluently converse in various local languages (i.e., Pashto, Sindhi, and Balochi).

Unique Perspective

Rubaru is a project that came about during the pandemic where the world saw a stark increase in individuals facing anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Ruhbaru provides mental health consultation at minimal costs. Moreover, we established a global mental health consultation call center, whereby the help is not just extended to the Pakistani population but the world's population.

What all you offer

  • Mental Health Awareness Webinars
  • Global Online Consultation regarding Mental Health Issues
  • Consultation is available in multiple languages to ensure help to a broader population
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