Educated Girl Empowered Women

According to a survey there are over 130 million girls worldwide, who are not in schools and have been kept away from education. The chances of these girls being mistreated and kept deprived of their right is as high as 74% and if a girl is given the chance of getting education till 12, the chances of this injustice drops by 64% . These facts and figures are alarming enough to the world to recognize the importance of girls’ education.

We at Charter for Compassion Pakistan believe to provide equal access to education regardless of gender discrimination. Therefore, we are contributing in the growth and empowerment of girls in both Rural and Urban areas of Sindh, especially regions of interior Sindh.

Through our project (Promoting Private Schools in Rural School), we are providing the enlightenment of education to young girls, because we believe Educated girl will be empowered women of Tomorrow. The Nasima Khoso is the fine example of such empowerment from education. She is based in the village of Allam Khan Khoso, Badin.

She may look like an ordinary young girl from a small village but this little superhero is changing the fortune of her family day by day. She is making her father literate, Her Father is Tailor who did not even knew basics of measurements but his little girl came like a ray of sunshine who made him take his business to next level. She taught him basic mathematics to make him master in his skills.

This is one example from thousands, that how a girl can change the fate of her life and people around her. Charter for Compassions- Pakistan cherishes such unsung young heroes.